Litigation Advisory Services

As a result of PB&W’s experience in advising corporations on complex financial transactions, we have become a recognized provider of services to leading law firms and their corporate clients on litigation relating to such transactions.
Expert Witness Testimony: PB&W’s professionals support its clients in negotiations and testify in mediations, depositions and court hearings on matters related to the valuation of corporate securities, estimates and calculation of damages, due diligence and application of good and customary practices in merger and acquisition transactions.Representatives of our firm have been particularly effective in presenting clear, understandable testimony on complex and technical financial issues.

The following is a partial list of these advisory services that we provide:

  • Valuation of corporate securities, businesses and lost business opportunities
  • Reviews and critiques of valuations and fairness opinions prepared by others
  • Calculation of damages
  • Financial analyses of corporations and other business units
  • Industry, economic, and financial market research related to specific corporations and companies comparable to such corporations
  • Formation of a large ESOP
  • Reviews and analyses of financial due diligence records in merger, acquisition and financing transactions
  • Analyses of financing, merger and acquisition agreements, accompanying exhibits and related documents to determine their adequacy and applicability
  • Review and analyses of financial filings with the SEC and other government agencies
  • Preparation of financial exhibits for use in court, arbitration hearings, mediation and settlement discussions
  • Preparation of questions to be used in direct and cross examination
  • Advice on litigation strategy and tactics related to financial matters

For more information regarding our Legal Advisory services, please contact one of our Directors.