Sales & Divestitures

PB&W assists owners and senior management teams that are considering selling all or part of their businesses. Our clients include privately held and publicly traded corporations, and private equity groups located throughout North America and Western Europe.

We have extensive experience selling companies, subsidiaries and divisions with transaction values ranging between $20 million and $500 million. As a result of our market focus and expertise, we have close relationships with key contacts within various corporations, industry groups and financial institutions. Our relationships, discipline and experience enable us to quickly develop a focused and customized sale strategy for each client.

Our sales and divestiture services include:

Strategic Positioning & Advisory

With the goal of maximizing value and reducing potential post-closing risks, PB&W advises owners and senior managers on positioning their business for a future sale transaction.  Such advisory services often include evaluating internal systems, financial reporting, detailed forecasting, depth of management, management succession planning (Key Man Issues), customer concentration, current and expected market dynamics and pricing, assessment of technology/product positioning, along with other operational dynamics.  Our objective is to enhance business processes, to mitigate risks and prepare a company for a future liquidity event.

Market Preparation, Staging & Sale Process

Once a decision has been made to sell, PB&W works with its client to determine the optimal sale process that meets with the client’s objectives.  PB&W guides its clients through a comprehensive planning and preparation process to prepare the company for the rigors of the transaction.  PB&W is involved in all aspects of the transaction process from preparing required evaluation materials through identifying, contacting and negotiating with multiple potential buyers.  PB&W services also include due diligence support and contract negotiations.  PB&W’s role does not end until the deal is closed.