The PB&W Aerospace | Defense | Government Group (“ADG Group”) has released the Government Fiscal Year (“GFY”) 2014 edition of its U.S. Department of Defense Procurement and RDT&E Report.  The report provides in depth yet easily understandable analysis of the expansive budget documents, focusing on key programs and the flow of budget funds.  The report is used by aerospace and defense industry executives and professionals as the annual program reference to quickly and easily determine the status and growth of programs and business priorities for the coming year.

DoD Report Cover

The report contains critical information on key programs of the GFY2014 Department of Defense budget including:

  • Funding and budget summary.
  • Analysis of funding areas (operations & maintenance, personnel, procurement, etc.) and discussions of variances.
  • Breakdown of programs by Department of Defense branch and program area (aircraft, missiles, etc.) including historical information and program budget forecast.
  • Coverage of new platforms and upgrades.
  • Extensive charts and tables with critical financial and fleet/unit data.

The report is available as a free download from the publications area of the PB&W website.  In addition, the PB&W ADG Group plans to release an update to this report late in the calendar fourth quarter after the government releases the GYF2014 budget revisions.  This update will include the potential impact of the next round of sequestration.

For more information about this report, please contact PB&W ADG Group Managing Directors Nick Berry or Ted Werner.