PB&W advises and assist clients on select capital placements in support of acquisitions and growth initiatives. PB&W exclusively approaches professional (private equity groups), institutional and qualified capital sources when raising capital for either debt or equity placements. We advise our clients on raising strategic capital and establishing partnerships with capital providers that add more value than merely investment capital. PB&W seeks to establish strategic relationships to further support our clients’ growth objectives.

As a result of our industry specialization, tenure and expertise, our professionals have strong contacts with potential professional funding sources and can typically conduct a focused and expedited private placement process, enhancing confidentiality while soliciting beneficial terms and conditions. Based on our client’s objectives, capital raises can be both a minority or control level investment dependent on the value the business.

PB&W assists clients in preparing for and implementing the capital raise process.  Our services include:

  • Selecting key potential investors/suitors and reviewing in detail with our clients
  • Preparing and refining a 3-5 year forecast
  • Advising in the development of a detailed revenue waterfall
  • Preparing program and platform details
  • Outlining a client’s products, systems or services in detail
  • Reviewing and conveying a client’s key technology and product road-map
  • Developing and conveying key investment considerations and company attributes
  • Developing a detailed confidential information memorandum/presentation
  • Support in providing required diligence information & managing a virtual data room
  • Participating and coordinating in senior management presentations
  • Responding to key information requests and questions
  • Developing and reviewing process letters and term sheets
  • Working with and supporting other key advisors (legal, accounting, market consultants)
  • Negotiating potential investment and capital placement agreements with legal counsel

Capital placements typically range from $20 million up to $100 million.

For further information, please contact
Ted Werner, Nick Berry, Luke Korta or Erik Appareti.