PB&W has the expertise to determine the fair market or fair value of the entity that is being bought or sold, and to evaluate the terms of the transaction from an independent point of view. We use standard valuation methodology to evaluate the subject company. Such methodologies include Market, Transaction, Asset and Income Approaches. Our professionals adhere to the Standards and Practices established by the ASA.

PB&W provides fairness opinions and corporate valuations. Our valuations and opinions are submitted to owners, senior managers, boards of directors and to committees of the boards in oral and written form. Fairness opinions and valuations are often needed or required for the following purposes:

  • Sale or merger
  • Purchase of another significant company
  • A buyout of a majority shareholder
  • Leveraged buyout of a company by management or a third party
  • Going-private transaction
  • Formation of a large ESOP
  • Any type of transaction that gives rise to a potential question of judgment by management, the board of directors or certain shareholders
  • Valuations for tracking company performance and scenario/simulation analysis for investment decisions
  • Holding company valuations
  • Strategic planning
  • Valuations for employee/ management incentive and option plans
  • Valuations for estate planning, tax and divorce settlement purposes
    • LLCs and Family Limited Partnerships
    • Minority interests
    • On-Going ESOP Valuations

For further information, please contact
Ted Werner, Nick Berry, Luke Korta or Erik Appareti.