Philpott Ball & Werner advises companies across the space market – from satellites to launch vehicles to deep space probes to lunar/Mars landers to terrestrial support equipment such as Satcom terminals. PB&W’s clients are leading companies that support traditional highly bespoke space market to the new and growing Space 2.0 and/or emerging space economy. Philpott Ball & Werner supports military, intelligence, government, civil and commercial space endeavors.

PB&W’s expertise in space includes areas such as communications, antennas, power systems, engines and control systems, structures and highly specialized software. Our clients’ applications include space-based remote sensing and ISR, in-space communication, satellite communications, planetary science, space exploration and defense.

PB&W’s clients have included companies that design and produce:

  • Advanced Signals Processing
  • Antennas, Communications & Sensors
  • Batteries & Power Controls
  • Communications
  • Embedded Systems & Computers (FPGA, DSP)
  • Earth Sensors
  • Fuel Controls & Valves
  • Guidance Navigation & Control (GNC)
  • Ground Stations & Tracking
  • Launch Services
  • Lasers & Laser Communication
  • Mission Control Systems & Software
  • Motion Controls & Actuation
  • Propulsion & Attitude Control & Thrusters
  • Navigation & Positioning Systems
  • Noise, Shock & Vibration Control
  • Optronics, Surveillance & Sighting Systems
  • Power Supplies & Modules
  • Radiation Tolerant Electronics
  • Remote Sensing
  • RF/Microwave Components, Products & Subsystems
  • Robotic Systems
  • Ruggedized Electronics & Enclosures
  • Ruggedized Wireless Systems
  • Satellite Buses, Structures & Sensors (LEO, MEO, GEO)
  • Software
  • Software Defined Radios & Solutions
  • Space Vehicle Propulsion Tanks, Valves & Components
  • Systems Engineering & Integration
  • Sun Sensors & Star Trackers
  • Telemetry Tracking & Control (TT&C)
  • Thrusters & Fuel Control Valves
  • Training Systems & Equipment (space suits)

PB&W also has extensive experience advising companies that provide Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services, logistics and supply PMA parts.


For further information, please contact
Ted Werner, Nick Berry, Luke Korta or Erik Appareti.