With over 30 years of experience, PB&W has developed expertise and completed transactions in a number of specialty product and service sectors. We continue to advise our clients in implementing strategies to enhance and maximize the value of their businesses. Due to our experience, relationships and tenure, PB&W often achieves premium results when selling entire companies or divesting non-core divisions.


  • Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning (HVAC)
  • Automotive Parts (off-road and on-road)
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services
  • Data Centers, Servers and Electronics
  • Distribution, Logistics, Trucking and Warehousing
  • Power Modules and Controls
  • Electromechanical Systems
  • Connectors and Wiring Harnesses
  • Non-Wovens and Specialty Industrial Fabrics
  • Railroad Components & Systems
  • Road Paving Vehicles and Equipment
  • Specialty Equipment and Vehicles (SUVs)
  • Test & Measurement

Medical & Dental

  • Medical & Dental Equipment and Services
  • Dental & Orthodontic Practices
  • Medical Education
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Analytical Instrumentation

Retail & Consumer

  • Grocery Businesses
  • Specialty Food Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Restaurant Companies
  • Process Weighing Equipment
  • Point of Sale Systems


  • Textile and Material Formulation & Manufacturing
  • Textile Machinery


For further information, please contact
Ted Werner, Nick Berry, Luke Korta or Erik Appareti.