Transaction Announcement: Westland Technologies has been acquired by ESCO Technologies

Westland Technologies, Inc. (“Westland”), a portfolio company of Mangrove Equity Partners, has been acquired by ESCO Technologies, Inc. Located in Modesto, California, Westland is the market leader in the design, development and manufacture of elastomeric-based signature reduction solutions that enhance U.S. Naval maritime platform survivability.

Westland provides sole-source mission critical technology used on a majority of the U.S. Naval fleet worldwide, including submarines (Virginia Class, Ohio Class and Los Angeles Class), surface ships (cruisers and destroyers), and aircraft carriers. Westland’s products include highly-engineered, complex tiles and other shock and vibration dampening systems that reduce passive acoustic signatures and/or modify signal (radar, infrared, acoustical and sonar) emission and reflection to reduce or obscure a vessel’s signature.

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